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Xiaomi device will charge devices from across a room

1. 2. 2021 | Tech Xplore | www.techxplore.com

The multinational electronics company Xiaomi announced the development of a new power transmission system that can charge a cellphone from across a room without any wires or charging pads.

The Mi Air Charge Technology, still in development, is capable of providing 5 watts of power to a device around 16 feet away. Transmission is unaffected by physical objects between transmission and receiving points. The charging base is composed of an array of 144 antennas that utilize beamforming to send millimeter-wide waves directly to a cellphone or other device. Beamforming creates wireless signals that are aimed towards a specific device to achieve a faster, more reliable and more direct connection. Traditional wireless signals disperse waves to reach multiple devices over a wide area.

Wireless charging Xiaomi

Devices such as smartphones capture the waves and convert them into power. Beacon antennas on the devices to be charged emit low-power signals allowing the charging station to pinpoint their location. A 14-antenna receiving array captures and converts the waves into power. Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously.

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Image Credit: Xiaomi