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Current issue

ELEKTRO 10/2019 was released on November 2nd 2019. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Topic: Topic: Electroenergetics, Devices for transmission and distribution of electricity

Main Article
Problematics of measurement on inverter welding sources

SVĚTLO (Light) 5/2019 was released on September 16th 2019. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Professional organizations activities
International conference LIGHT (SVĚTLO) 2019 – 6th announcement
We participated in International commission on illumination CIE 2019 congress in Washington
Technical colloquium SLOVALUX 2019

Fairs and exhibitions
Inspire with boho styl and design of Far East at autumn fair FOR INTERIOR

Advertising - FCC PUBLIC

Media Kit Elektro 2019

Media Kit SVETLO (LIGHT) 2018

Advertisement price list 2019

Standard sizes

Prices of advertisement (CZK) 

1st p. *)
39 500,–
29 000,–
2nd p.
49 800,–
42 800,–
3rd p.
49 800,–
42 800,–
4th p.
56 000,–
49 500,–
43 800,–
36 800,–
24 400,–
19 800,–
16 500,–
14 500,–
14 200,–
13 500,–
10 000,–
10 500,–
A4 card - 2 pages - 1thick sheet (200 g/m2)
58 000,–
not aviable
*) on the front page photo and logo only; the text (max. 600 charracters) on the first page 1 inside of the magazine

Text advertisement (PR articles)

Detailed instruction in Czech here.

Commercial and promotional articles
are paid in accordance with printed area. The price of article is 50 % of the advertisement price (see the upper table). Recieved articles are revised and arranged according to the magazine layout. Editors reserve the right to make technical and linguistic editing and the right to refuse unoriginal or unqualified articles. 
Technical product information
(size: up to 1 600 characters and one photo) with additional company name, telephone number, e-mail address and web address
Elektro, price 4 000 CZK

The company blurb in the framework of the article „What can you see at the fair..."
text 1 200 characters, product photo, company logo
Elektro price 4 500 CZK


Record in overview Chart Guide through the offer...
in Světlo 6/2017: 1 100 CZK 

for repeated advertisement in the magazines of FCC Public:
10 % (2×)
15 % (3× to 4×)
20 % (5× and more)

The front-page advertisement and the inserted advertisement cannot be discounted. Special discount for the couple of objects (advertisement + PR article) for contemporary publishing in the same issue: only more expensive object will be invoiced. Other advertisement of the same company would be considered as a non reduced one if other condition is not stipulated (e. g. a long term order).
Other conditions  
  • surcharge 15 % for atypical size of advertisement,
  • surcharge 10 % for positioning according to the advertiser requirement (not for inserted announcement, front cover and the central page of the copy),
  • cancellation fee:
    – up to 10 days before a closing date 30 %,
    – up to 1 day before a closing date 50 %,
    – on closing date and later 100 % of the advertisement price.

Advertisement can be reclaimed for imperfection up to one month from the launch day of the issue with the object of complaint, but not in the case the pre-printing documents (or files) has been delivered after the editors’ closing date.

Mentioned prices are meant as a fee for publishing in the journal; not for designer’s processing. You can
order the graphic design and pre-press of your advertisement at the publisher’s designer’s office.

The prices are written in CZK and the VAT 21 % will be added.
In the case of a long term contract the individual discount can be provided. Ask the
proposal, please.

Inserted advertisement

max. 25 g
19 000,-
16 000,-