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ELEKTRO 2/2020 was released on February 12th 2020. Its digital version will be available on March 12th 2020.

Topic: Electrical apparatus, Internet of Things; Medical technologies

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Monitoring vacancy of an intelligent building

SVĚTLO (Light) 1/2020 was released on February 3th 2020. Its digital version will be available on March 3th 2020.

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Invitation for Light+Building 2020 – attendant programme
Prolicht+Sound fair celebrates the 25th birthday
FOR CITY 2020 introduces oneself in parallel to FOR ARCH fair

Luminaires and light apparatuses
Modern trends in automobile headlamps

Wave device could deliver wave energy to thousands

13.02.2019 | University of Edinburgh | www.ed.ac.uk

A wave energy technology is being developer by engineers from the University of Edinburgh and from Italy that could help generate low-cost electricity for thousands of houses.

The device – known as a Dielectric Elastomer Generator (DEG) – uses flexible rubber membranes. It is designed to fit on top of a vertical tube which, when placed in the sea, partially fills with water that rises and falls with wave motion. As the membrane inflates, a voltage is generated. This increases as the membrane deflates, and electricity is produced.

Generating electricity from sea

It is designed to be incorporated into existing ocean energy systems and can convert wave power into electricity. Engineers say that their design could be used in fleets of low-cost, easily maintained structures at sea within decades, to take advantage of powerful waves in Scottish waters.

Read more at University of Edinburgh

Image Credit: Michael Olsen/Unsplash