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Current issue

ELEKTRO 7/2021 was released on June 30th 2021. Its digital version will be available on July 30th 2021.

Topic: Cables, wires and cable engineering; Tools, equipment and accessories for work with cables

Technical product information
New generation of surge protection DACF25S by CITEL
Reusable cleaning cloths for industry, craft and total cleanness

SVĚTLO (Light) 3/2021 was released 6.18.2021. Its digital version will be available 7.19.2021.

Interiors lighting
New atelier lighting of Rony Plesl
Lighting realization INGE or good news there is never enough

Measurements and calculations
Meter of UV radiation VOLTCRAFT UV-500

These shoes generate power with every step you take

20. 1. 2015 | |

Smartphones and wearable computers have become incredibly popular in recent years, but batteries can’t always keep pace with our ever-increasing demand for power. These personal electronics can just about do it all, but after a few hours of heavy usage, it’s time to recharge. Can we ever move past our addiction to the wall socket? Researchers in Germany have designed a tiny system embedded in a pair of shoes that effectively harvests the energy expended by the simple act of walking. With this system, you can actually power your own electronics as you walk around.

In the journal Smart Materials and Structures, Klevis Ylli and his team outline how they were able to use two different types of harvesters to capture significant amounts of energy from the swing of the foot and the strike of the heel. The first harvester accelerates magnets through a set of coils when the foot swings, and the second uses frequency up-conversion to trigger a spring-loaded magnetic circuit into resonance when the heel strikes the ground.

read more...www.extremetech.com

Image credit: Youtube.com