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ELEKTRO 2/2020 was released on February 12th 2020. Its digital version will be available on March 12th 2020.

Topic: Electrical apparatus, Internet of Things; Medical technologies

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Monitoring vacancy of an intelligent building

SVĚTLO (Light) 1/2020 was released on February 3th 2020. Its digital version will be available on March 3th 2020.

Fairs and exhibitions
Invitation for Light+Building 2020 – attendant programme
Prolicht+Sound fair celebrates the 25th birthday
FOR CITY 2020 introduces oneself in parallel to FOR ARCH fair

Luminaires and light apparatuses
Modern trends in automobile headlamps

SCRIM: An innovative method for 3-D concrete printing

11.09.2018 | Tech Xplore | www.techxplore.com

Researchers at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and at the Danish Technological Institute have developed a new hybrid construction concept called “Sparse Concrete Reinforcement In Meshworks” (SCRIM).

In the SCRIM concept, meshes are arranged into 3-D target geometries, which can also include vertical areas. Concrete is then selectively deposited into the mesh, which acts as a reinforcement element as well as a stay-in-place formwork.

3D printed concrete

The researchers found that in addition to reducing restrictions in build orientation and reinforcement, their technique enables subsequent processes such as element addition and embellishment. SCRIM thus allows for greater freedom in designing targets, supporting intricate geometries and placing material selectively to achieve design aims.

Read more at Tech Xplore

Image Credit: CITA a DTI