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ELEKTRO 11/2019 was released on November 6th 2019. Its digital version will be available on December 2nd 2019.

Topic: Electrical switchboards and switchboards technologies; substations

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The cause of mechanic vibration of synchronous mining engines by Palašer and its removal

SVĚTLO (Light) 5/2019 was released on September 16th 2019. Its digital version will be available immediately.

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International conference LIGHT (SVĚTLO) 2019 – 6th announcement
We participated in International commission on illumination CIE 2019 congress in Washington
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Inspire with boho styl and design of Far East at autumn fair FOR INTERIOR

Not even the sky is the limit: Ham Radio reaches around the world and beyond

11.06.2015 | Ham Radio 2015 | www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de

The international amateur radio exhibition is once again making waves at the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen. From June 26 to 28, amateur radio enthusiasts from all over the world will meet for the 40th Ham Radio, where they will share knowledge and experience in long and short wave radio, Morse code, and telegraphy. About 200 exhibitors from 34 countries will present their products and innovations at the show. "The Ham Radio is Europe?s most important amateur radio exhibition and a meeting place for radio enthusiasts from around the globe. It is where friends who only know each other by radio actually get to meet in person,? Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann explains. Just in time for its 65th anniversary, the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), proving that the world is not enough, has selected the motto "Space stations, satellites, reflections: Amateur radio contact with space? for its meeting at Lake Constance.

The Ham Radio offers a broad spectrum of technology, electronics, accessories and equipment, ranging from surveying devices, antennas and electronic devices to hardware and software - everything a ham enthusiasts heart desires. The presentation of high-quality equipment and accessories  by exhibitors like Wimo, Icom, Hilberling, Yaesu, Hofi, Difona, Winradio, Box 73, Optibeam, UKW-Berichte, CSY, Luso, Hummel, RF-Power and Kenwood will tempt visitors to shop. "In addition to the latest trends and countless products, the supporting program will offer radio hobbyists a wealth of information and training opportunities, as well as contests and group activities" reports project leader Petra Rathgeber. This year, for the second time, the Maker World, the event for building things yourself, tinkering and experimenting, will take place at the same time as the Ham Radio.

Anniversary: celebrating 40 years of the amateur radio exhibition
The 40th edition of the Ham Radio is cause for celebration. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, Messe Friedrichshafen is putting on a special retrospective show featuring photographs, exhibit items and recollections from the past four decades of the Ham Radio. Radio enthusiasts who have creative mementos or unusual photos from past Ham Radio exhibitions can contribute these private souvenirs to the show and will receive a small thank you at the Ham Radio 2015. To submit items for the exhibit or to get more information, contact hamradio@messe-fn.de.

DARC motto:  "Space stations, satellites, reflections: Amateur radio contact with space"
For decades, experienced DXers have been proving that amateur radio knows no limits. The 2015 DARC motto, "Space stations, satellites, reflections: Amateur radio contact with space" makes it clear that the Earth is just the beginning. This year, projects with space probes, payloads, CubeSats, technical experiments, cosmic contacts, telescopes, sunspot cycles and space missions take center stage at the Ham Radio. "Space is seemingly out of reach and very far away - it?s something that?s definitely out of the ordinary, and that makes it attractive", explains Stefan Scharfenstein, deputy chairman of the DARC?s Cologne-Aachen district, who is also responsible for organizing schools? radio contacts with space.

Tinkering, experimenting and making it yourself: The Maker World sister event
On Saturday and Sunday, creative minds and tinkers will be able to get ideas and find accessories from about 60 exhibitors at the second annual Maker World. The tinkering, experimenting and make-it-yourself event will present a range of surprising products and home-made devices, ranging from case modding, when off-the-shelf computers are individually redesigned, to upcycling, when old objects are given new purposes.

Fox hunt and orientation contest
The fox hunt - an amateur radio transmitter hunt - will return to the Ham Radio this year, following up on its successes in 2013 and 2014. On the morning of Sunday, June 28, from 10 a.m. to noon, participants in the contest, which will be offered in short and long versions, will attempt to find as many mini-transmitters as quickly as possible in the forest near the exhibition grounds. The winners will be crowned immediately after the event. Those interested in participating can register in the West Foyer during the show.

Ham youth camp - experience the spirit of the amateur radio exhibition close-up for four days
The camp offers children, teenagers and adults up to age 27 not only a lodging opportunity, but above all a group experience during which they can explore the exhibition and get know other young people interested in amateur radio. A supporting program including a go-kart track, a goal-shooting contest and tinkering activities will also be offered. This year, befitting the motto of the show, a telescope will be assembled that can be used to explore the heavens, under the guidance of the Kreuzlingen observatory. In 2014, 121 young people participated in the camp. Registration is possible until June 10. Additional information and registration are available at www.hamcamp.de

An experience for young radio enthusiasts: the Ham Rally
The popular Ham Rally will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 26 and 27, in the Rothaus Hall / A1 and will offer a varied program for young radio enthusiasts, who will be able to learn about space, send code, make radio transmissions, take measurements, and more. At the event, young visitors to the Ham Radio between the ages of 8 and 18 will be able to explore the world of long and short waves in fun and entertaining way.

Experiments with light - Teacher training courses on amateur radio in school
The Ham Radio's teaching training course on June 26 will be focus on the theme "Experiments with light - from surveying techniques to telecommunication." For the eighth time, teachers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland are invited to attend this teacher training course. In recognition of the UN General Assembly?s declaration of 2015 as the "International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies?, the significance of light waves for people, animals and plants will be investigated at the session. The course is being organized as a cooperation between the DARC and the Arbeitskreis Amateurfunk und Telekommunikation in der Schule e.V. (Working Group on Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in School).  Registration and questions should be directed to schule@darc.de. The registration deadline is June 15.

Contest University for beginners and pros
The event on Friday, June 26th, is intended to generate and rejuvenate interest in radio contests. Therefore, after an introduction for everyone, newcomers will be provided with the fundamentals of the radio sport while long- and shortwave pros will get in-depth information about contest software and remote contesting. The university?s "professors? include some of the world?s leading participants in radio contests. Registration for the event is requested at www.darc.de

Opening Hours and motor home parking
Messe Friedrichshafen offers the visitors the opportunity to spend the night at a motor home parking space close to the exhibition, subject to availability. The Ham Radio takes place from Friday, June 26 until Sunday, June 28, 2015 in Friedrichshafen. The sister event, Maker World, will open its doors from Saturday, June 27 to Sunday, June 28. Daily passes cost 9 Euros, or 8 Euros in advance. A three day pass is available for 20 Euros or 18 Euros in advance. The passes grant visitors access to both events. More information is available at www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de

More information at www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de