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ELEKTRO 3/2020 was released on March 13th 2020. Its digital version will be available immediately.

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BOOBA in new showroom, which surpassed all expectations
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Modern methods of gaining dates for processing lighting technology assessment

New graphene battery recharges blazingly fast, and it’s already on the market

28. 2. 2020 | Digital Trends | www.digitaltrends.com

Faster charging, longer lasting, and lower temperatures. These are the three major benefits from a lithium battery that has been infused with wonder-material graphene. Thing is, we’ve all heard about the benefits of graphene before, but despite all the hype, we’ve yet to really see it used in devices and products that you can actually buy.

That’s about to change according to Real Graphene, a Los Angeles-based technology company working on graphene-enhanced battery cells. “People always think graphene is the thing of the future, but I’m here to correct them. It’s here now,” Gong told me. “We create a battery that can charge super fast, is very cool, and has a long life time in terms of cycle charges.”

First graphene enhanced battery

What exactly does this mean? For charging, we’re used to regular phone batteries taking on average about 90 minutes, sometimes a little quicker, to recharge. The Real Graphene cell is much faster, with a full charge of a 3,000mAh cell taking about 20 minutes using a 60watt charging brick. Then there’s longevity. Most phone batteries can manage between 300 and 500 charge cycles, but Real Graphene’s batteries can last about 1500 cycles for the same capacity, and because the cell generates much less heat it runs much cooler, it’s safer too.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock