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ELEKTRO 10/2020 was released on October 1st 2020. Its digital version will be available on October 30th 2020.

Topic: Power Engineering; Electricity transmission and distribution equipment

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SVĚTLO (Light) 4-5/2020 was released on September 18th 2020. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Optical radiation effects and use
Plants and light in biofil interior – Part 12
Plants and lights in public areas
Melanopic day illuminance in buildings

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FOR INTERIOR 2020: Inspiration for habitation and trends of furniture and interiors world

New E Ink color display features flicker-free video

7. 9. 2020 | Tech Xplore | www.techxplore.com

A Chinese multinational electronics company TCL Technologies has developed a new type of screen technology that provides sharper graphics than traditional E Ink displays, with less power consumption, no backlight and an ability to display flicker-free video.

The company said that its Nxtpaper display is "the artistic combination of screen and paper" that can provide full HD definition. It is intended for use on tablets and e-readers, but not smaller devices such as smartphones. Its new displays achieve 25 percent greater contrast than LCDs, and are about one third the thickness. They also are 65 percent more power efficient.

Color display for e-books

TCL was able to achieve huge energy savings because instead of relying on power to provide screen backlighting, it takes advantage of natural reflective light to illuminate the screen. Devices using Nxtpaper can consequently boast not only great energy savings but significant reductions in weight since large batteries will not be required to power the screen. TCL said it devoted two years to research to design the new screen. Eleven patents were acquired specifically for eye protection techniques such as flicker-free video reproduction and the elimination of harmful blue light.

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Image Credit: TCL