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ELEKTRO 7/2019 was released on June 26th 2019. Its digital version will be available on July 26th 2019.

Topic: Cables, conductors and cable engineering, Tools, equipment and accessories for work with cables

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SVĚTLO (Light) 3/2019 was released on June 11th 2019. Its digital version will be available on July 15th 2019.

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Lighting glass from Kamenný pahorek

Lumotive spreads word on its lidar system for autonomous vehicles

25.03.2019 | Tech Xplore | www.techxplore.com

A Seattle-based company is talking up a storm about solid state lidar powered by liquid crystal metasurface (LCM) technology. The company CTO is proclaiming the LCM chip as "the holy grail of LiDAR."

"Lumotive's beam-steering technology is the culmination of years of fundamental research into controlling electromagnetic waves using artificially structured metasurfaces," said David Smith, the James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University. He called Lumotive the first to develop dynamically tunable metamaterials for optics.


The company is talking about its system which has a large optical aperture (25 x 25 mm); a120-degree field-of-view with high angular resolution; and fast random-access beam steering. Their large aperture is like having a bigger telescope. It allows them to see dramatically farther than other systems.

Read more at Tech Xplore

Image Credit: Lumotive


Honeywell Home T9 thermostat

Published: 23.07.2019