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ELEKTRO 12/2021 was released on December 1st 2021. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Topic: Measurement, testing, quality care

Market, trade, business
What to keep in mind when changing energy providers

SVĚTLO (Light) 6/2021 was released 11.29.2021. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Fairs and exhibitions
Designblok, Prague International Design Festival 2021
Journal Světlo Competition about the best exhibit in branch of light and lighting at FOR ARCH and FOR INTERIOR fair

Professional literature
The new date format for luminaires description

IQRF Summit 2019

15. 1. 2019 | IQRF Alliance | www.iqrfalliance.org

The fourth edition of IoT conference with the IQRF® wireless network technology will bring news from the world of industry, smart cities and buildings. Members of the IQRF Alliance face new challenges from a wide range of areas of life, such as healthcare, breeding or farming. At the conference, you can personally meet with representatives of companies providing for example parking, lighting or air quality monitoring, and find out which solutions are already available on the market. In an informal setting of afternoon networking, you can easily discuss your ideas and eventually agree on joint projects. By the end of January, you can buy cheaper tickets in "early bird" prices.

Why choose IQRF®

IQRF®, locally autonomous wireless mesh technology with the function of remote control, allows you to monitor the status and values of individual devices or even remotely manage them.

If remote control fails, the network continues to operate with local control. Devices can be monitored or controlled individually or in groups.

Thanks to low power consumption, it is possible to operate battery devices for several years without replacing batteries.

IQRF Interoperability-certified plug-and-play devices (available on www.iqrf.shop) can be operated according to the standard in a uniform manner.

Network data is already secured at the operating system level.

This greatly extends the possibilities where this unique Czech technology, proved by years of experience, can be used.

Case studies of already implemented projects can be found on the IQRF Alliance website - www.iqrfalliance.org/case-studies. Many other projects are being implemented and you can see them at the IQRF Summit.

News in IQRF® technology

Autonetwork V2 allows you to automatically build a network using services deployed directly in the operating system. Network creation takes place in waves, during which new devices are added to the network if they are authorized to do so and these are later on involved in network creation by discovering new devices.

The Smart Connect feature allows you to add the selected device to the network based on the knowledge of certain unique parameters of this device. It is not necessary to set the access password on the device because adding of the device is secured by these parameters. They can be entered in different ways, for example, by reading the QR code containing these values.

From IQRF OS version 4.03D, the newly added device does not need to have the same working channel preconfigured as a network coordinator, because adding to the network runs on service channels. When installing the network, you just need to set up a suitable undisturbed channel in the coordinator, and all connected devices will "inherit" this channel.

When: April 9th to 10th, 2019

Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

WWW: www.iqrfsummit.org