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Current issue

ELEKTRO 11/2020 was released on November 11th 2020. Its digital version will be available on December 2nd 2020.

Topic: Electrical switchboards and switchboard technology

Innovation, Technology, Projects
New energy law: an opportunity for energetics community
Data centres – third session
Starting October, REMA raises financial subsidy for recycling electrical devices

SVĚTLO (Light) 4-5/2020 was released on September 18th 2020. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Optical radiation effects and use
Plants and light in biofil interior – Part 12
Plants and lights in public areas
Melanopic day illuminance in buildings

Fairs and exhibitions
FOR INTERIOR 2020: Inspiration for habitation and trends of furniture and interiors world

IQRF Summit 2019

20. 11. 2018 | IQRF Alliance | www.iqrfalliance.org

We invite you to the fourth annual conference about the Internet of Things with the IQRF® wireless technology. During the last year, many innovations have taken place both in the development of IQRF® technology itself and in the development of IoT projects based on it. Come and see which improvements in your life you can expect thanks to the Internet of Things. In addition to presentations and practical demonstrations, you can also look forward to an informal dinner where you can discuss your IoT ideas with IoT professionals. Do not forget to order cheaper "early bird" tickets by January 31, 2019, at the latest.

When: April 9th to 10th, 2019

Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

WWW: www.iqrfsummit.org

You can find photos, videos, presentations, and news from the past year on the website www.iqrfsummit.org/2018.

Thanks to its features, IQRF® is suitable for use in projects requiring reliable and secure bidirectional wireless data transmission. Do you need to update or communicate with your devices sometimes by groups? Do you need to control devices or collect data from them in an environment where another wireless technology has a problem, or do you also require local autonomy independent on the Internet, in addition to remote access? Do you have high demands for low consumption? Try IQRF®!

IQRF® features

IQRF® is a mature wireless technology, which can be easily integrated into any electronic product by ready-to-use transceiver modules, dramatically shortening time-to-market. Devices talking by the same language, IQRF® DPA commands, are fully interoperable.

IQRF® is complementary to standards (cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet), deploying existing communication infrastructures, enabling local autonomy in wireless mesh networks.

It is simple, secure and interoperable technology building an extremely low power network with excellent RF specifics. IQRF® transceivers communicate bidirectionally with a reasonable speed of 20 kbps. They can be wirelessly managed.

An online IQRF® Repository containing all the necessary information for products certified for IQRF Interoperability is available. Applications, gateways, and clouds get information based on HWPID of a product from this place. The repository contains a list of devices, descriptive information about them, drivers and update packages.

IoT projects with IQRF®

In the Smart Cities area, you can find projects for transport management, vehicle parking, and monitoring, rail safety and outdoor air monitoring.

In the Smart Buildings area, you can acquire indoor air parameters, automatically control air conditioning, or control lighting and thermal conditions in buildings.

In the industry, you can better set the environment your employees work in and your products are made, you can control devices and get the necessary parameters, monitor the position of the machines in the production halls, and arrange work safety.

Case studies of already implemented projects can be found on the IQRF Alliance website - www.iqrfalliance.org/case-studies. Many other projects are being implemented and you can see them at the IQRF Summit.

 IQRF Alliance

VIDEO - IQRF Summit 2018