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Current issue

ELEKTRO 8-9/2019 was released on September 3rd 2019. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Topic: Electrical engineering in industry; 61th International Engineering Fair in Brno

Main Article
Residual current devices – overview and usage

SVĚTLO (Light) 5/2019 was released on September 16th 2019. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Professional organizations activities
International conference LIGHT (SVĚTLO) 2019 – 6th announcement
We participated in International commission on illumination CIE 2019 congress in Washington
Technical colloquium SLOVALUX 2019

Fairs and exhibitions
Inspire with boho styl and design of Far East at autumn fair FOR INTERIOR

IQRF Summit 2018

27.03.2018 | IQRF Alliance z.s. | www.iqrfalliance.org

Do you work on IoT projects? Are you interested in Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Building? If so, you can’t miss out the IQRF Summit 2018 where you can see ready IoT products and realized projects. You will have a chance to network with both technical and business people from the leading IoT companies, watch their presentations, learn how to build your IoT product or solution on hands-on workshops and try out working devices on the Marketplace.

IQRF Summit 2018 is coming just in a month!

The IQRF technology is a representative of reliable wireless mesh networks. Wherever you need to collect data from your devices or to control devices, you can use the IQRF network. With its mesh topology, it is one of the most reliable wireless networks ever. You can cover large places of many square kilometers, such as parking lots, industrial halls, hotels, streets, offices, etc. Companies that deal with such or other projects will present their solutions at the conference.

IQRF Tech s.r.o., a provider of the IQRF technology, will show a new approach to connecting devices to the network, called Smart Connect. This is a simplification to the previous method that will be appreciated by all partners who often add new devices to their networks. It will be done by scanning the device ID using a smartphone application. The whole connection will be done safely and automatically.


will learn to develop and place on the market a device that is interoperable with the IQRF ecosystem. During the workshop, they will go through the whole process from the device connection, through the firmware upgrade according to the IQRF Interoperability Standard up to the certification and placement of the device to the IQRF Repository and to the IQRF Alliance Marketplace.
Integrators will be able to find out how to integrate individual components of the IQRF ecosystem from sensors, actuators, gateways up to cloud applications at a second workshop. Thanks to the new IQRF Repository, the process is greatly simplified. The IQRF Repository is being developed by the IQRF Alliance members.

IQRF Wireless Challenge IV

To enable close contact between the academic and professional community, we decided to organize the final round of the traditional developer contest here at the IQRF Summit 2018. The best projects will be presented by authors to the professional jury and the winning project will be presented on the main stage to a wide public.


We traditionally organize also a social event that allows informal meetings of all participants. People there can discuss common topics and share ideas. Experience shows how beneficial this type of event is, and how it helps in establishing new business partnerships.