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GM unveils plans for lithium-metal batteries that could boost EV range

12. 3. 2021 | Engadget | www.engadget.com

GM has released more details about its next-generation Ultium batteries, including plans for lithium-metal (Li-metal) technology to boost performance and energy density. The automaker announced that it has signed an agreement to work with SolidEnergy Systems (SES), an MIT spinoff developing prototype Li-metal batteries with nearly double the capacity of current lithium-ion cells.

As a reminder, Li-metal batteries replace carbon anodes with lithium metal, allowing for lighter and more powerful cells. The challenge with the technology is increased resistance and "dendrite" filaments that tend to form on the anodes, making batteries short-circuit and heat up.

GM batteries

Previous lithium-metal batteries would only work when heated up to 175 degrees F, but SolidEnergy developed an electrolyte coating for lithium metal foil that works at room temperature. The company also created a non-flammable liquid electrolyte with lower resistance that won't create dendrites when in contact with lithium metal. Using those advances, it developed prototype batteries with the same storage capacity as a lithium-ion cell in half the size. The company has also developed AI-powered battery management software designed to optimize EV performance and safety.

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Image Credit: GM