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Current issue

ELEKTRO 12/2021 was released on December 1st 2021. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Topic: Measurement, testing, quality care

Market, trade, business
What to keep in mind when changing energy providers

SVĚTLO (Light) 6/2021 was released 11.29.2021. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Fairs and exhibitions
Designblok, Prague International Design Festival 2021
Journal Světlo Competition about the best exhibit in branch of light and lighting at FOR ARCH and FOR INTERIOR fair

Professional literature
The new date format for luminaires description

Ending our publishing enterprise

2. 2. 2022 | |

I am sorry to inform our readers, that starting 2022, we have decided to cease publishing our magazines ELEKTRO and SVĚTLO. I would like to thank everyone, that cooperated with us in the 30 years of our existence and I wish best of luck to all of you. This website will continue existing, as it contains original and unique information, but there will be no more new posts. At least for some time.

Jan Urban