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Current issue

ELEKTRO 11/2021 was released on November 4th 2021. Its digital version will be available immediately.

Topic: Electrical switchboards and switchboard technologies, drives and power electronics

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Electromobility in 2021

SVĚTLO (Light) 4-5/2021 was released 9.17.2021. Its digital version will be available 9.17.2021.

Lighting installations
Lighting reconstruction of underpass and platforms of Ústí nad Orlicí railway station

Public lighting
The lighting of park at Episcopal Residence of Ostrava-Opava in Ostrava
Outdoor lighting systems and intrusive light
Generel of public lighting 9th part
Environmental viewpoint

AugLimb: A compact robotic limb to support humans during everyday activities

17. 9. 2021 | Tech Xplore | www.techxplore.com

Researchers at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and University of Tokyo recently developed AugLimb, a compact robotic limb that could support humans as they complete a variety of tasks. This new limb can extend up to 250 mm and grasp different objects in a user's vicinity.

Most existing wearable robotic arms are designed to be mounted on a human user's upper body (e.g., on the upper arm, waist or shoulders). While some of these systems have achieved promising results, they are typically based on bulky hardware and wearing them can be uncomfortable for users.

Robotic arm

In contrast with other robotic arms, AugLimb can extend significantly, becoming approximately 2.5 times longer than a human's average forearm length. Moreover, it is highly compact and thus easy to store. AugLimb has 7 DOFs (degree of freedoms) and can be easily fabricated using normal 3D printers and motors. Compared to existing robotic limbs, AugLimb has human-centric design that largely improves the wearer's experience, so that anyone can enjoy it while reaping the benefits of the enhanced body capabilities derived from having a 'third arm'. In addition to being compact, the robotic limb is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This also makes it suitable for users with more fragile bodies, including children and older adults.

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Image Credit: JAIST