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Current issue

ELEKTRO 7/2018 was released on June 27th 2018. Its digital version will be available on July 27th 2018.

Topic: Cables, conductors and cable engineering; Tools, equipment and accessories for work with cables

Main Article
Parametrization of circuit models of Li-accumulators for electromobility
Smart Cities (part 3 – volume 1)

SVĚTLO (Light) 4/2018 was released on July 30th 2018. Its digital version will be available on August 31th 2018.

Refreshing our memory
Eccentric luminaires of René Roubíček from the years1965 till 1977
Bases of photometry – 1st part
Great personage of Czech science of times after Battle at Bílá hora: doctor, naturalist, philosopher and physicist Jan Marek Marci from Kronland

Optical radiation effects and use
The light and circadian rhythms

An important player in low voltage systems

06.08.2018 | Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., Ltd | www.sh-liangxin.com

Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., Ltd. (Nader) is one of the leading companies in China's high-end low-voltage apparatus industry, a company listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Our company drives research and development by customer demands, carries out continuous technology innovation based on customer value improvement, and provides customers with safe, reliable, environment-friendly, energy-saving low-voltage electrical components. Our brand positioning is a high-end low-voltage electrical system solution expert. We are committed to help customers solve pressure and challenges, winning competitive advantage for customers.

Nader Building in Shanghai
Nader Building in Shanghai

Committed to providing more convenient, efficient, safer use of electricity
Leading the LV high-end market
Focusing on LV segment, agglomeration on selected targets
Realistic, Care, Responsibility, Enterprising

The whole product line covering the field of low voltage electrical apparatus

Overview of international certificates

Our products includes  MCBs, MCCB, ACB, Hydraulic MCBs and so on. Our Testing Center has earned CNAS and US UL recognized. Relying on our headquarters in Shanghai, we have formed lasting stable partnerships with  Vertiv (Emerson), Delta, Huawei, Sungrow, Mitsubishi Electric, China Mobile, China Unicom, Vanke and Greenland Group in new energy, industrial control, Telecom Equipment, infrastructure and building power distribution industries.

Dispatch room with a look at the lab

website: www.sh-liangxin.com/en
Email: sanglin@sh-liangxin.com 
Contact No.: +86 13149917057
Contact Person: Lin Sang (Mr.)
Address: No. 2000 South Shenjiang Rd, Pudong District, Shanghai, 201206, China