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Téma: Trendy v elektrotechnice a souvisejících oborech

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A little bit of professional English…

Smart meters help to save money
smart meter inteligentní elektroměr
annual statement roční vyúčtování
instantaneous power consumption okamžitý odběr elektrické energie
kilowatt-hour of electricity kilowatthodina el. energie
currently applicable tariff aktuálně platný tarif
Who wouldn’t like to know how much electricity they consumed yesterday or whether it is cheaper to turn the washing machine on in the afternoon or to wait until after ten o’ clock at night? But the problem is that you only find out how much electricity you have used once a year with the annual statement. In most cases, it is impossible to determine whether the extra amount owed is due to higher electricity prices or higher consumption caused by the huge new flat screen TV, the set-top box and daily surfing on the Internet.
Smart meters make it possible to analyze the data in numerous different ways. For instance, you can display a reading of the Instantaneous power consumption or the cost of a kilowatt-hour of electricity.
And you can trace how much energy you have used over a certain period. The smart meter enables actual consumption to be determined on a monthly basis. The meter also displays the currently applicable tariff, enabling customers to select the appropriate time to do their laundry, by waiting until off-peak rates apply before starting the washing machine.