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SVĚTLO 2/2014 - out on March 13, 2014 

Professional organizations activities
Lighting technology XXVI – Days of Josef Linda
Course of lighting technology XXXI – 1st announcement
Inviting for Ways to modernization of towns and municipalities conference

Lighting installations
Castle riding-school illumination in Lednice
Revitalization of Masaryk squre in Brandýs nad Labem

Public lighting
Public lighting of towns and municipalities conception – Part 1. Basic informations
Lighting up of pedestrians on crosswalks from the designers point of view

Measurements and calculations
Problems of lighting up of existing pedestrian crossing
Using of thermocameras in electrotechnical practice

Luminaires and luminous apparatuses
GAMAalumínium reshapes aluminium profile on perfect product
Laser Blade luminaires from iGuzzini company
New design luminaires of OSMONT company
McLED reflector LED luminaires

Lighting sources
Savings in lighting, sophisticated systém of control and regulation
The high ceilings are problem no more

Market, business, enterprise
OMS Lighting is at the head
of European research and development in lighting industry
PROLICHT CZECH – new showroom, better service
90 years and looks ahead to the future

Fairs and exhibitions
Invitation to Brno at IBF
Accessories of lighting installations
New ABB-ComfortPanel
KNX system of future
Varied design for colourful life – Levit®

Opinion and experience
(Non)Quality of lighting projects
Lighting sources and ecology
Using of LED retrofits in luminaires with classic lighting sources

Standards, regulations and recommendations
Requirements on daylighting of living buildings in the course of last 60 years

Luminaires – introducing of products on market

Architectural and scenic lighting
Lighting design in a nutshell – Part 11
Theatre performance in nontheatrical space

Refreshing our memory
Lights and shadows of Edison’s lamp