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SVĚTLO 4/2014 - out on August 1, 2014 

Professional organizations activities
LUMEN V4 – the third announcement
Spring technical colloquium SRVO
Lighting technology XXVI – 
 Josef Linda Days conference, Plzeň 2014
News from SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov
What is new in CIE

Lighting sources
OSRAM PrevaLED cube modules illuminated Florentinum

Lighting installations
Basilica of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and Saint Cyril and Method at Velehrad

Architectural and scenic lighting
Illumination of Ethnographic exhibition Slovácko
Festival of light Signal in October will be shining Prague again
Lighting design in a nutshell – Part 13
Wizard’s apprentice – National Theater Ballet
THEATRE TECH – theatre and scene technical equipment fair

Public lighting
Public lighting of towns and municipalities conception – Part 3 Nivnice
Economy of public lighting construction and reconstruction

Opinion and experience
Handbook for public lighting creator in Hradec Králové
What to do with a defective construction?

Measurements and calculations
Methods of physiologic glare evaluation in transport
Refreshing our memory
Unit of light flux lumen suggested French physicist André-Eugène Blondel
Mercury known and unknown – Part 1

Accessories of lighting installations
CITEL – new MLPC series of SPD for public lighting with LED luminaires
SENO company in 2014 year
Energy savings with B.E.G. LUXOMAT news

Luminaires and luminous apparatuses
TREVOS company with new logo and new LED luminaires on market

Market, business, enterprise
MOMOSO – the young company with big experiences and enthusiasm

Professional literature
Numbers. Relations, insights and permanent inspiration

Fairs and exhibitions
Looking back to IBF Brno 2014 fair 
Intelligent digital household and building
security systems on FOR ARCH 2014 fair
Invitation on For Interior 2014

Optical radiation effects and use
Multifunctional house in Zvole by Prague – day lighting with Solatube® light guides
Usage of hollow light guides for phytotron box lighting